Island Hopping


Exploring the beauty of Sipalay City! Island Hopping is one of the best things to do, with one of the activities catered by Robinson Cruse you will definitely amazed the different beautiful sites, islands and corals under very clear waters around the city of Sipalay. Riding with the motorboat you will surely witness and find an answer why the city being as the “Jewel of the South”.

Islands are safe for swimming with family and friends. Snorkeling is the very fun part of the tour. Watching and swimming with the corals and fishes on different islands, really adds up to fun and memories of the vacation. The abundance of sea life would take you a step higher of getting closer to nature. Islands and beaches are protected and maintained by the people and the city government to keep its natural beauty.


The Robinson Cruse offering a much affordable rental for the motorboat for you to travel the different islands, white sand resorts, caves and other beautiful things about Sipalay. A one day activity that will surely complete your vacation without any regret why you chose to stay in the Robinson Cruse White Sand Beach.

  • Punta Ballo, Sipalay City
    Negros Occidental, Philippines
    Tel #: ( 34 ) 713 4575
    Smart : +63 920 889 0139
    Globe: +63 977 846 8040
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